Do you ever wish there was a formula for Living the life You Desire?

I can’t tell you how many times I have.

I was born in small-town Iowa with a desire to change the world… yet I had never seen it.

With no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I spent years making mistakes and taking up failed projects. If only there was a formula for building the life I desired , I thought.

Eventually I stumbled into entrepreneurship, where I got involved with my first business, a food cart company. When that ultimately didn’t work out, I took a job at a local car dealership with the assumption my entrepreneurial life was over.

Yet, I was wrong.

I picked myself back up, quit my job and decided to seek out mentorship and gain experience through unpaid internships at local tech companies.

Frankly, I networked my ass off and was eventually recruited to run an internal corporate health tech startup, where I stayed for almost two years before moving on.

I’ve always known there wasn’t an exact formula for success, or life, but without a shadow of a doubt I knew there was a better way then I had pursued so far. I decided to seek high achieving individuals and learn everything I could about their health, wealth, happiness and habits. I had a craving to learn everything I could.

The Formula Podcast was born.

The Formula Podcast isn’t a hack for life but rather an in depth look at the lives of successful people. With anecdotes, tidbits and authentic insights, you are given actionable information you can use to conquer the world, find happiness and live a life worth living.

In each episode, we mine the experiences, ideas, skills and talents of each guest to provide only the most relevant and actionable information to our listeners.

Tune in each week to help develop the formula for your life.

Trevor Carlson, host of the Formula

Trevor Carlson, host of the Formula