#54 - The Keys to Jumpstarting Your Writing Career Online with Ahmed Muneeb

On this episode of the Formula, I am joined by Ahmed Muneeb. Ahmed Muneeb is a featured Quora writer and featured Medium writer. He has millions of views and answers popular questions in his writing.

Ahmed Muneeb first got started at Medium about a year ago. He was following a very influential writer who contributed a great deal of his success to Quora so he decided to jump on that platform to get started writing as well.

Today we will look at how Ahmed Muneeb became a writer and what’s on the horizon for him. We’ll talk about storytelling, having a writer’s mentality, the importance of keeping your audience in mind and why it’s not tool late at 24 to be successful.

On this episode, we discuss:

- Ahmed’s background

- How Ahmed got started writing

- Being specific in story telling

- Writer’s mentality

- Keeping the audience in mind

- Is 24 too late to be successful?

- Correlation between age and achieving success

- Hardest skill to learn that will eventually pay off

- Embracing technology

- Advice for someone in their late 20s

- The comparison trap

- Producing to get to your goals


“Writing was and has always been my creative outlet.”

“I write to educate, pretty much. That’s my mantra and it's what keeps me going.”

“Be more specific when telling your story or giving examples.”



Resources Mentioned

The Four Hour Work Week

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck


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