Going All The Way Up With Keitsu - #66

This week on the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with Joel Sorenson, aka Keitsu.Keitsu is an entrepreneur who created several businesses that all started with his passion for breakdancing, but that didn’t come without trials from other ventures before finally finding his groove. Keitsu rejected the 9-5 life and started his first e-commerce business dedicated to artistically styled bags, so you could say that thinking outside the norm has always been his thing. Join us Friday morning to learn how breakdancing led to business success and sendingKeitsu “All the Way Up”!

On this episode, we discuss:

0:00-1:17 Introduction of the show

1:18-2:06 LadyBoss Sponsorship

2:07-5:18 Introduction of Keitsu and background of All The Way Up

5:19-6:25 Talking about Tim Farris’ book, The Four Hour Work Week

6:26-9:21 Keitsu’s introduction in e-commerce and entrepreneurship

9:22-12:14 What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

12:15-13:10 What do you think your biggest lesson learned when going through failures?

13:11-15:20 What keeps you going when confronted by challenges?

15:21-18:21 Lessons learned from breakdancing and how it applied to business

18:22-26:13 Discussing the timeline from becoming a breakdancer to this current moment

26:14-32:00 Keitsu brings breakdancing to Iowa and working towards bringing a coastal vibe here

32:01-34:25 Taking care of your body and mind with movement

34:26-36:20 People are able to find their community, what advice would you have for them to get started?

36:21-38:52 What do you tell to people who want to start a business?  The dichotomy of those who want to work the 9-5 and those who want to grind

38:53-40:20 What books do you typically recommend to people?

40:21-47:22 Talking about Keitsu’s interesting morning routine

47:23- Wrapping up the show, what message would you want to leave with the audience?

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Instsgram @jkeitsu

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