#26 - Lessons from a Lifetime of Business with Brian Alvey

On this episode of the Formula Podcast, Clipisode founder, Brian Alvey, and Trevor Carlson sit down to discuss Brian's lessons from a lifetime of entrepreneurship.

Brian Alvey is a serial entrepreneur, programmer, designer and blogger. He grew up in Brooklyn and now lives in San Francisco where he is the CEO of Clipisode. He is best known for co-founding the blog publishing company Weblogs, Inc. with Jason Calacanis. As Alvey describes it, "Jason and I didn't invent blogging. We perfected it."

Trevor and Brian discuss:
-Why you have some reason for them wanting to hire you
-Why you gotta wait till you’ve got the money in the bank
-How in the beginning you cannot always tell the winners from the losers
-The magic of YouTube
-Why you should try to be an entrepreneur
-His complaints within schools
-How do you know when you should keep going?
-Ways investments weed people out
-If Brian had to start over today, how would he get started?
-Pick which area you can make progress in before you can flip and do something else
-Never go 50-50 in a partnership
-What is Clipisode?
-Strategy for being the best you can be
-Teaching moments

Clipisode Questions from our audience:
#1: Brian’s biggest failure
#2: Podcast’s impact on marketing
#3: When to monetize your users
#4: Advice for adopting new media within a traditional media team

Books: Doesn’t have one - very specific to the person

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