#46 LIVE: Producing World-Class Events with the Englert Theatre's Andre Perry

On this episode of the Formula Trevor Carlson and Andre Perry sit down to discuss how he approaches producing events at the famous Englert Theatre in Iowa City and the advice he has for those looking to produce their own events. 
On this episode Trevor and Andre discuss: 
- The history of Mission Creek Festival
- How Andre got into event production
- Why events are important
- What makes an event that makes you question reality? 
- The amount of work it takes to put on a show
- Why it is important to know when to be patient
- Why Andre is as open and honest as possible when producing a show
- Why Andre has stayed in Iowa vs locating to a bigger market
- What is the most spectacular show Andre has seen? 
- How to get an event off the ground
- The concept of finding the next good thing
- Reading, Writing, and Listening
- Notes of a Native Son - https://amzn.to/2LD2zsn

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Get your tickets for Witching Hour here - http://www.witchinghourfestival.com/ 

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