The 33% Rule on Relationships and Actionable Goals with Andrew Ferebee - #64

Andrew Ferebee is the mastermind behind Knowledge for Men, a brand that empowers men to improve their well being through financial independence and happiness.  This week on The Formula Podcast, we learn how to build positive habits and how to design our goals that shape our values.  If you’re looking to redesign the life you want to live, then this podcast is a must listen for you.
Show Notes:

  • 0:00-0:16 Andrew’s Introduction

  • 0:17-1:46 Trevor’s Introduction

  • 1:47-2:35 Lady Boss sponsorship words

  • 2:36-3:00 Full introduction of what Andrew Ferebee is all about

  • 3:01-4:05 Trevor and Andrew talking about Quora

  • 4:06-6:20 Why you should become a high performer

  • 6:21-8:46 Knowledge for Men’s background

  • 8:47-11:40 Relationships and self-improvement from bad breakups

  • 11:41-15:15 Getting what you want out of life and working to improve from the pain

  • 15:16-16:56 The 33% percent rule

  • 16:57-21:00 Staying engaged with responsibilities but not burning out

  • 26:23-28:00 Design the life you’d like to live

  • 28:01-28:35 Looking back on your life lived

  • 28:36-31:20 Habit Building, Design the life you want to live

  • 31:21-33:21 How to value your life and time

  • 33:22-36:00 Advice in pursuing goals

  • 36:01-36:58 Living the life you want

  • 36:59-39:49 Discounting the fear of challenges in your life

  • 39:50-40:00 Pursuing the wrong goal

  • 40:01-43:00 Are you in alignment with your life goals?

  • 43:01-44:20 Goal achievement

  • 44:21-45:22 Outcomes of goal setting

  • 45:23-48:14 Not sacrificing your life for others, make sure to live how you want __________________________

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