#41 DARE-ing to Face Your Anxiety with Barry McDonagh

On this episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with DARE author Barry McDonagh.

Trevor: I have personally had challenges with anxiety most of my life so it was great to sit down with Barry and go through his process of how he helps others overcome their anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, this interview is for you.

On this interview Trevor and Barry discuss:

  • Where did Barry’s interest in Anxiety Research come from, and how did he get started?

  • What is D.A.R.E. and what does it mean?

  • How is it useful to people with anxiety

  • What does he do that gives him a leg up on the day?

  • What is the most impactful book Barry has read?

“Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor Frankl - amzn.to/2Hkohi6
DARE by Barry McDonagh - amzn.to/2qudE1B

Barry's website: dareresponse.com/


Music provided by Moods: open.spotify.com/artist/14uVJsPC4DByeuD0cq36ez