#10 - Emotional Intelligence with John Bocker

How do you know if someone is being honest with you?
Do you ever get a sixth sense feeling while having a conversation with someone?

In this episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with Level 5 Listening's John Bocker to discuss emotional intelligence and how it applies to business and personal interactions.

In this episode they discuss:
-What is emotional intelligence?
-How someone's eyes tell you if they are being honest or not
-What the keys to active listening are
-How to establish a baseline in a conversation
-How to come off as likable and genuine
-Why it is important to understand the sixth sense you get when talking to someone
-The difference between men and women in the workplace
-Why it is important to practice social interactions
-Why he left corporate America
-Getting the most important thing done today
-What his daily routine looks like

His most impactful books: Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins
It's OK to Be the Boss by Bruce Tulgan

To find out more about John check out www.level5listening.com/


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