#33 - Long-Term Travel with Peter Awad and Colin Wright

On this episode of the Formula Podcast, Peter Awad, Colin Wright, and Trevor Carlson sit down to discuss traveling full-time and the nomadic lifestyle.

Some topics discussed on this episode include:
-Why travel?
-Changing perspectives while traveling
-Connecting a mindset to your travels
-How to take the leap and just hit the road
-Don’t fail to change
-The importance of milestones
-Your decision doesn’t have to be permanent
-All experiments come to an end
-What is a check in and how do you do it?
-Having a loose schedule
-What is your comfort level?
-What to do when you arrive at a new location
-Plug yourself into the local community
-Trying uncomfortable things
-Understanding your expenses
-Time is your most valuable asset
And a whole lot more...

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