#38 - Overcoming Mental Hurdles in Fitness with Girls Gone Strong's Jen Comas

On this week's episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with Girls Gone Strong's Jen Comas.

Jen Comas has been there and done almost all of it when it comes to health and fitness. Jen's experience makes her a perfect choice as a Strongest You Coach. Through Strongest You, Jen has worked with women in over a dozen countries around the world, helping them heal their relationship with food and their body, and eat and exercise in a way that they enjoy so they can sustain it forever.

In this episode Trevor and Jen discuss:
How did Jen get started in Fitness?
Where does she begin with someone that is new to her fitness group?
What are the most common obstacles that her clients must overcome, and how does she help them to overcome those obstacles?
Steps to overcoming body image and appearance issues:
-Purging Social Media
-Exploring alternative forms of exercise and what “fitness” can be
-Neutralizing negative self-talk
What is Dumbbell Domination?
How did Jen get into Acro-Yoga?
“The Five Minute Journal”
“A Million Miles In A Thousand Years” by Donald Miller

Check out Jen's Dumbbell Domination workout: http://jencomas.com/dumbbell-domination-workout-program/


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