#30 - Lessons on Public Speaking with Corey Poirier

On this episode of the Formula podcast, Trevor Carlson and Corey Poirier sit down to discuss how he became "That Speaker Guy."

Some topics covered by Corey and Trevor include:
-Becoming “That Speaker Guy”
-Where to start when you want to begin public speaking
-Speakers to learn from
-Learning from the approach
-What does the process/preparation look like for giving a talk
-The spider web method
-We’re scared of the unknown
-“I’m still here to talk about it.”
-Why is public speaking so important?
-The Book of Why and How
-The power of saying no
-Daily routine for the daily edge

Recommended Books: How to Win Friends and Influence People / Think & Grow Rich
Link to Corey's book: www.facebook.com/coreypoirierpage/ (will be releasing a buy button soon, check out his other book here, www.letsdoinfluencing.com/)
Link to Corey's speaking training: www.thespeakingprogram.com/
Link to tedX talk: www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4G81vQ2EuA

Big thanks to Corey for stopping by to chat!

Music provided by Moods: open.spotify.com/artist/14uVJsPC4DByeuD0cq36ez