#50 - Life Design, an In-Depth Discussion with David Gould

On this episode of the Formula, I, Trevor Carlson, am joined by David Gould. David believes in the power of higher learning coupled with community. He is an inspired spark that will set your soul on fire. David is currently at the University of Iowa. He is an educator, faculty member and an administrator as well as an inspiration to all of those who are fortunate enough to meet him.

Today we will talk about David’s work with 20-somethings and many questions they often have, which are frequently questions we all share. His academic and professional life can be summarized as the pursuit of how to make higher education more meaningful and each community more engaged.

On this episode, we discuss:

- David’s personal story
- The 20-something period
- Creating and designing your own life
- Thinking of university as a laboratory
- The world requiring you to be remarkable
- If you could inspire students, education could be way different
- Finding your passion and learning how to plug it into the world
- How you spend your time now is how you will spend your time in the future - Thinking about four years as 2 million minutes
- As long as you are breathing, it’s never too late
- People later in life who want to start finding and following their passions - Leaving the door open for magic
- David’s plan from here
- Biggest lessons David has learned from extraordinary people
- Listening to your heart


“If you think of your life as a book, which one do you want to write?”

“Those people I have met that have followed their interest, the things they have cared about, even when they haven’t led to the promise land, even when it was a crazy bumpy journey, a story to tell, they have never regretted following their heart.”

“You don't want to be climbing a ladder but realize it was on the wrong house.”

“Each day is a short story.”

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