#5 - Achieving Financial Freedom with Michael Finley

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to sit in on a seminar at the University of Northern Iowa on financial independence. I couldn't have written more than two sentences on my financial literacy before that seminar. Thankfully, it was taught by the Crazy Man in the Pink Wig, Michael Finley. It was interesting listening to how easily he could break down complex financial terminology and make it understandable for a white belt like me. I am very excited to share this episode with Michael Finley with you.

In this episode, Michael and host, Trevor Carlson, discuss:
-How he became the Crazy Man in the Pink Wig
-How the military affected his financial journey
-How he retired in his 40s
-Teaching financial independence
-Advice for those looking to get started on their financial journey
-What book he would give to his teenage self
-His experience as a writer
and much much more.

Check out Mike's books on Amazon at: amzn.to/2u46x30
Get a hold of Mike or check out his content at: www.thecrazymaninthepinkwig.com/

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