#29 - Living with Intention with Peter Awad and Tommy Breedlove

On this episode of The Formula Podcast, Peter Awad and Tommy Breedlove sit down with Trevor Carlson to discuss what it means to live with intention.

Tommy and Peter were invited to be on the show for this episode because of their similarities when it comes to creating their lives in a fashion that helps them invest time into what is most important to them. I felt like this was a perfect episode to start 2018.

In this episode, some topics we cover are:
-Stop, pause, reflect, journal. 
-Be proactive in your life
-Live with your value system
-Gratitude is powerful
-Life can kick you in the face sometimes
-It’s all about your perspective
-People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it
-It all goes back to leadership & culture
-Can you be stern and kind?
-Niceness doesn’t mean weakness
-Am I ready and willing to give up a relationship?

Big thanks to my friends, Peter and Tommy for showing up and having a quick chat with me.


Music provided by Moods: open.spotify.com/artist/14uVJsPC4DByeuD0cq36ez