#44 - Creating Music and Living Out of a Van named Ruby with Musician Ira Wolf

On this episode of the Formula, I sit down with traveling musician Ira Wolf. A few months ago, I attended a house concert where Ira played a heartfelt show and brought many in the audience to tears with her lyrics. Her song Sunshine almost brought me to tears because I had just gone through a breakup (terrible timing.) Her singing is truly special and she brings her lyrics to life in an authentic, heartfelt way that will pull at the heartstrings of even the strongest among us. I really enjoyed this interview with Ira and am excited to hear her play again in the future. 

In this episode: 

  • Ira talks about the story behind her song “Sunscreen”

  • And how she became a touring musician

  • Ira offers advice for anyone who is lost on their path

  • Ira talks about her songwriting process and how to overcome the stresses of trying to write music.

  • What does she do to get into a creative mood/mindset?

  • Ira answers the question, “How do I become a professional musician” and advice for taking that leap

  • She talks about rejection, and how to work through it

  • Ira talks about the song that she has written that she connects with the most and the backstory behind it

  • Ira’s upcoming album release and tour

  • What is it like to live out of a van?

  • Her favorite place to travel

  • Ira gives Trevor advice for traveling

  • Ira’s steps for being creative and having a leg up on the day

  • The most impactful book she’s read “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts

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