#53 - The Definitive Guide to Building a Remote Team with Simple Tiger's Jeremiah Smith

On this episode of the Formula, I, Trevor Carlson, am joined by Jeremiah Smith. Jeremiah got a job at a digital marketing agency back in 2008 after doing a little bit of freelance and teaching himself how to do digital marketing and SEO. Jeremiah noticed very quickly after being a freelancer to working at the agency full time that he was spending time in the office doing nothing. He was driving two hours to act as a robot where he put his headphones in, plugged away at his work and then left. 

One day he asked his manager if he could leave early because he was done with his stuff and he was told no, it didn’t work like that. He felt like the model was broken and kept pondering why he was there. He began researching and found Results Only Work Environment.  

Jeremiah started working on his own project on the side where he could control his work environment. After leaving his previous job, he was able to double his income and cut his work time in half. His company is called SimpleTiger. 

Today we will be diving into exactly how you can manage and a build a fully remote team successfully. 

On this episode, we discuss:

-       Managing and building a fully remote team

-       How Jeremiah got to where he is today

-       Results Only Work Environments

-       The Pomodoro Technique

-       Things to consider when working remotely

-       Where to get started when looking to put together a team

-       Personal impact in a remote work environment

-       Fear based mentality in management

-       Challenging assumptions with logic

-       Differences between in person and remote environments


“Whatever work you have will stretch the amount of time that you give it.”


“Find a way to not be alone, find a way to start creating a team.”


“I don’t think ROWE or remote is for everyone.”


“Communication is really key in a remote work environment.” 



Resources Mentioned

The 4 Hour Work Week








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