#51 - Jiu-Jitsu and Showing Up Every Day with John Gutta

On this episode of the Formula, I, Trevor Carlson, am joined by John Gutta. John Gutta is a head instructor and Brazilian jujitsu black belt. He trains out of Tipping Point Brazilian Jujitsu. Brazilian Jujitsu became popular in the United States in 1993 and has grown extensively in popularity since then. Now, basically in any city of 50,000 or more, there is a jujitsu gym.

Growing up John was obsessed with professional fighting. He didn’t really play sports and was around 300 pounds in high school. John saw the Ultimate Fighter and thought it was the coolest thing he had ever seen. When looking for colleges he saw that Iowa had a Brazilian jujitsu program and decided that is what he wanted to do. When he got to college he was down to 170 pounds. Then eventually he began training other people. 

Today we will talk about John’s journey in jujitsu and the importance of hard work, both on and off the mats. We’ll also discuss the background of Brazilian jujitsu and what is actually is as well as the process to start training and how to improve through hard work.
On this episode, we discuss:
- What Brazilian jujitsu is and the background behind it
- Why it’s called Brazilian jujitsu
- How John got into jujitsu 
- National championships
- Training for the podium
- Jujitsu vs wrestling
- The learning curve associated to jujitsu
- The process to start training
- The process from daily practitioner to competitor 
- Focusing on your strengths
- Preparing people for competitions
- The value in strength and conditioning
- 3 keys to a successful jujitsu practice
- The hamster wheel of your current situation
- Paralysis by analysis
- Being okay with ‘sucking’ for a while
- Why someone should do Brazilian jujitsu
“Without putting in those 10,000 hours, you aren’t going to be good at anything.”

“Even if you have the best coach in the world, it still takes mat time.”<br>

“The number one issue that we run into is people fall in love with jujitsu but their body can’t handle it yet.”

“You’re capable of a lot more than you think you are, and you’re not going to be able to find that out unless you work really really hard.”

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