#15 - A Music Career Ten Years in the Making with Moods

On this week's episode of the Formula, Trevor Carlson sits down to interview Nick Lubbersen, aka Moods.

Nick has producing music for a quite a while out of Rotterdam, Holland with songs on Spotify reaching millions of streamers.

He has performed all over the world from Europe to Iowa City, Iowa.

He is an inspirational guy who has been DJing for years, his song Love is Real is amazing.

And his newest song, Truth, is absolute fire.

Nick and Trevor discuss
-The story of how they met
-How he got into creating music
-Inspiration behind his music
-What it is like to tour around the world
-What his creative process is like
-and a whole lot more...

Check out Moods on
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Moodsproducer/
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/14uVJsPC4DByeuD0cq36ez

His new song Truth is amazing, give it a spin: open.spotify.com/album/1DJqlcAPzE4BrcPTrwsriu

Music provided by Moods: open.spotify.com/artist/14uVJsPC4DByeuD0cq36ez