#22 - Business Advice from Sumo's Noah Kagan

On this episode of the Formula, Trevor Carlson and Noah Kagan sit down for a quick chat about business, life, and running experiments.

Trevor and Noah discuss:
-Why most people are going to do whatever they want
-Experts… Whatever the fuck that means
-Why Noah's not a genius, he just does it
-Why you should limit your time
-Why do people get stuck in pre-validation?
-We’re all gonna die
-How to find your sweet spot
-Prioritizing your work is essential
-How to measure yourself
-Make what’s working work better
-Most experiments shouldn’t work
-Why you’ve got to keep trying
-Everyone cares about themselves
-You get out what you put in
-What’s your daily routine look like?

Big shoutout for Noah taking the time to show up on the Formula podcast and sharing his lessons with us.

Recommended book: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People -

Find Noah's content at:
Noah's course - Email1k.com

Creative Live w/ Noah Kagan & Tim Ferriss: www.youtube.com/watch?v=v47WEyeSMSA


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