Behind the Scenes eCommerce Advice with Adrian Brambila and Keitsu - #59

Adrian Brambila and Joel “Keitsu” Sorenson are two ecommerce and online marketing gurus (even though they hate getting called that.) Adrian is the founder of Search Engine Conquest and has taught hundreds of students how to create an ecommerce business. Keitsu is the founder of All The Way Up. In addition to running his successful company, he teaches people about dropshipping, private labelling and utilizing the power of influencers.


In this episode we talk about how to start an ecommerce business. They discuss strategies for finding a product and how you actually drive traffic to that product. We discuss why influencer marketing is so important and how branding is such a crucial part of selling.

On this episode, we discuss: 

  • Keitsu’s and Adrian’s experience in ecommerce  (03:58)

  • If they had to start again, how would they do it? (06:45)

  • Determining trends and opportunities (10:04)

  • The next step after identifying a product (11:08)

  • Why branding is so important (12:56)

  • Why a dropshipping business is a great side hustle (15:14)

  • The keys to building a solid brand (17:13)

  • Strategies for driving traffic to your product and the role of influencers (21:30)

  • Dealing with rejection when reaching out to people (26:03)

  • The problem with inaction (26:49)

  • The pitfall of spending money on more courses over investing they money in your business (29:42)

  • Finding the confidence to take the jump and try (33:23)

  • Why failure is part of the process (35:25)

  • How fast you can create a site and launch a product (37:15)

  • Using outsourcing to streamline your business (41:18)

  • Next steps after launching your first product (45:00)

  • Things to consider when working with virtual assistants (48:24)

  • Why affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn money online (51:43)

  • Other advantages to affiliate marketing (55:35)

  • Some final pieces of advice (56:34)



“Just by utilizing that (influencers) you can shoot your brand and elevate it above all the other ones. Just because you are using influencers and have better packaging. That’s all it takes to mark-up your product at a higher price point”


“The brand is making the look, the feel, the experience to get that person to get out their wallet and purchase. Then branding to me becomes the relationship that you retain with that customer. The only way to make it in ecommerce is that your customer needs to buy from you again and again.”


“The most common mistake is stopping after a few rejections”


“Actually, most of our stuff does fail. That’s why we’re constantly testing. We’re working with like a 5% conversion rate. That means 95% of the traffic you send fails. So most of it fails but that 5% has so much potential, so much upside that we can live, we can prosper off that 5% of people that end up converting”



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All The Way Up









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