#55 - How to Improve Your Intimate Conversation Skills with Robert Kandell

On this episode of the Formula, I, Trevor Carlson, am joined by Tuff Love podcast host, Robert Kandell. Robert has been studying communications for 18 years. It all started when he was an overweight kid and had a hard time being open and honest when it came to relating to others.

In 2004, Robert cofounded One Taste which revolves around intimacy, sexuality, love and relationships. He did that for over 10 years, held over 400 workshops and taught over 10,000 people. Communication was the main skill he taught in these workshops. In 2014 he left One Taste and moved to Los Angeles where he started with a blank slate and since then has opened a life coaching and business consulting practice. He has a podcast, Tuff Love, teaches communication classes, and is writing his first book.

Today we will be diving into a deep conversation about intimate conversations. Sometimes it’s really hard to sit down and have those conversations but they are so incredibly important.

On this episode, we discuss:

- Robert’s background

- What is an intimate conversation

- Withholding

- How to be honest and intimate

- Approaching intimate conversations

- Being bold, deliberate and honest

- Forgiving yourself for your humanity

- Being kind vs being real

- Asking for what you need

- Living truly who you are


“Communication is that bridge between your inner world to connection and intimacy.”

“Withholding truth is the same as listening.”

“Tell the truth and reward the other person for telling the truth.”




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