#20 - Getting Started as an Artist with Scotty Russell

On this episode of the Formula, Trevor Carlson and Scotty Russell sit down to discuss his journey becoming an artist, launching a podcast, and getting into public speaking.

Some topics Trevor and Scotty get into are:
-Getting started as an artist
-Putting yourself out there
-Advice for getting your art out there
-Staying in your own lane
-How to find your you
-Bring out your emotions through your art
-Scottys inspiration
-The Electric Forest experience
-Valuable lessons through rejection
-What mindset do you need to be creative
-Tips for drawing
-Clear workspace = greater productivity
-When is it time to go to the next level?
-Why people notice consistency
-It’s okay to start with a side project
-Do the shit that scares you
-Why did Scotty start his podcast?
-Everybody needs a creative outlet
-Biggest lessons from the podcast
-Everything starts the night before
-Being realistic

Recommended books: 
Essentialism - amzn.to/2yNmbC4
Start With Why - amzn.to/2h8nv9B

Check out Scotty's work at:

Big thanks to Scotty, really really enjoyed this interview and hope you take away a few lessons as well.

Music provided by Moods: open.spotify.com/artist/14uVJsPC4DByeuD0cq36ez