#12 - Leadership Lessons and Running a Business with Aaron Serrano

In this episode of the Formula, Trevor Carlson sits down to interview US Marine Corp veteran and Military Cost Cutters founder, Aaron Serrano.

Aaron was a collegiate All-American wrestler, who want on to join the US Marine Corps. After serving his time in the Marines, Aaron opened Military Cost Cutters.

Military Cost Cutters is a veteran owned company that allows the military community to search for military friendly businesses and the discounts they are offering.

In this episode, Trevor and Aaron discuss:
-Lessons learned from the military that he has applied to the rest of his life.
-Lessons learned from his wrestling career
-The effect that his past has had on his present
-Hating to fail
-Why you have to go through failure in order to improve
-Traits of high functioning teams and leaders
-Lead by example
-His advice for new business owners
-Why you should talk to your customers
-Treating people the way you want to be treated
-Why family is important

Thank you for tuning in!
Aaron's most impactful books: Rework (amzn.to/2j0jO9a)
A Message to Garcia (amzn.to/2wFqAV5)
4 Hour Workweek (amzn.to/2wF2iKN)

Check out Military Cost Cutters at militarycostcutters.com/

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