#56 - Scaling an eCommerce Store to $10 Million+ in Revenue with Braceability.com’s Shaun Linderbaum

On this episode of the Formula, I, Trevor Carlson, am joined by Shaun Linderbaum. Shaun was my first boss in the digital marketing world, who I interned with in College. Shaun is the CEO of BraceAbility, a e-commerce business that sells orthopedic braces. They have grown over 100 percent per year for the past three years. They are on track to hit 10+ million dollars in sales for the first time this year.

Today we will talk about that path Shaun took to get to where he is today, advice for those wanting to start a business, the different kinds of entrepreneurship and much more.

On this episode, we discuss:

-How Shaun got to where he is today

-What stood out about BraceAbility

-Developing processes

-Turnover at BraceAbility

-Hiring process and culture

-Hiring the right people and keeping the right people

-What has made Shaun successful

-Advice for achieving success

-Turning interests in the income

-Importance of customer feedback

-Improving your product or service

-Raising capital

-Most common mistakes with startups

-Different kinds of entrepreneurship

-Pain to profit


“It’s about a shared set of values and how you work… I don’t think diversity in personality is extremely valuable.”

“There are many ways to make a living. In most cases, I would tell a person to go work for somebody else because (and save, save, save). That’s probably the best way to actual wealth and not having gray hair at 35.”

“Always invest for the long-term.”




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