#9 - Investments and Traveling with Paul Singh

In this week's episode of the Formula, host Trevor Carlson sits down with Results Junkies, Paul Singh.

Paul Singh and Dana Duncan spend their time driving around the country and sleeping in their Airstream camper while investing in companies around the US.

Paul has a wide variety experience including selling several companies, cofounding 500 Startups, and running his investment firm, Results Junkies.

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Some topics covered in this episode are:
-Started as a bricklayer and car salesman
-One of the first employees at America Online
-Making your money work for you
-How he stumbled forward trying a bunch of things
-Just TRY a lot of stuff, stop worrying
-Why recency of experience trumps breadth of experience
-As an entrepreneur, do you get flexibility or freedom?
-Why your internal scripts are holding you back
-Why it doesn’t matter how old you are anymore
-If he had a time machine, why he would tell himself to build an audience
-Noah Kagan - Email1K.com - 30 Day Drip Campaign
-His advice for people looking to raise money, get to your first 1,000 in revenue
-Why he gives to zero charities
-Why you shouldn’t give a shit about your logo or name
-What he’s learned from Results Junkies
-Why you should be directional right vs perfect
-Why everywhere else is rising now
-What is like to drive around the country in an Airstream
-Iterate and try with everything including travel
-Why you should get on stage in your industry once a month

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