Why You Should Start Small with Steve Shriver Part 2 - #77

As an avid entrepreneur and community contributor, Steve Shriver’s accomplishments thrive in the heart of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As the founder of Eco Lips and co-founder of SOKO Outfitters and Brewhemia, one of Steve’s main goals is to help build a sustainable, prospering culture within the city.

By supporting local suppliers and recycling within the business world, Steve encourages all companies to take part in helping take care of our environment.

In this episode we will discuss:

  • Navigating our way through new startups

  • The difficulties behind pursuing an entrepreneurial career

  • Negative & positive impacts on personal life

  • Maintaining the naturally driven entrepreneurial spirit

  • Being cautiously optimistic about new opportunities

  • Work/life balance & taking time for ourselves


“We are living in a society of fear and self-doubt. We are taught to be scared of things, we are taught not to trust our instincts and to doubt ourselves... we are convinced by our parents and spouses and bankers, accountants that this is the biggest risk we can take: starting a business... don’t get caught up with fear and self-doubt. Trust yourself and trust your instincts. Believe in yourself.”


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