The Journey of Self-Expression with Elizabeth Moen - #68

This week on The Formula, we are joined by a great musician named Elizabeth Moen. She is a singer/songwriter from the eastern Iowa area and has played venues all around the world, she has the energy to electrify an audience and she creates a fun-filled atmosphere whenever she performs. Elizabeth talks us through what self-expression is like, how growing up in a small town has impacted her life, and much more.

Show Notes

0:00-0:30 Trevor introduces our guest, Elizabeth Moen who is a singer/songwriter from Iowa City, Iowa

0:30-1:30 A word from our sponsor, Lady Boss

1:31-2:30 Trevor and Elizabeth get started talking about what she is currently up to

2:31-4:00 Elizabeth talks about her journey of self-expression and her history of how she found songwriting

4:01-6:30 Trevor and Elizabeth discuss what it’s like to live in a small town, is it good or bad?

6:31-6:58 Trevor and Elizabeth talk about why she got into music and why Jimmy Hendrix and the Rolling Stones influenced her decision to play an instrument

6:59-7:45 Elizabeth speaks about how music helped facilitate connections with other students while on an exchange program in high school

7:46-9:55 Elizabeth talks about her humble beginnings through open mic nights at the Mill, talking about her first experiences with writing songs

9:56-11:15 Elizabeth Moen talks about her song “Song Bird” and speaks about her first few songs she produced by herself, her first band experience named 312 East Market Street

11:16-12:00 She talks about what her first song performance was like as a musician

12:01-13:26 She talks about where she is right now and where she wants to be in the near future

13:27-14:56 She talks about what it’s like to be a free artist not under a record label, the pros and cons of being signed to a label

14:57-16:30 Elizabeth gets transparent about the downfalls and good parts of being a performer

16:31-17:30 Trevor describes the feeling and the energy of being in the audience while Elizabeth sings

17:31-20:20 Elizabeth talks about her show in Los Angeles and the takeaways she learned from it

20:21-22:20 What advice does Elizabeth have for people who want to start performing as a singer

22:21-23:29 She talks more about her humble beginnings and getting to meet new people through open mic nights that she started at a restaurant she worked at

23:30-24:15 What would you say to a future songwriter?

24:16-25:05- Outro

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