#18 - Living Life on Your Terms with Tommy Breedlove

On this episode of The Formula, Trevor Carlson sits down with Tommy Breedlove to discuss Choose Goodness and his experiences that brought him here today.

Quick shoutout to Darrah Brustein for being a rockstar connector and introducing Tommy and I, thank you so much for your help.

Tommy has been through a lot in his life and is still kicking with one of the best attitudes of anyone I have ever met. Truly, it is hard to find one negative thing from him in the entire interview, unless he is talking about previous experiences.

Tune in to find out how Tommy went from going to prison as a teenager to running his current company, Choose Goodness.

Trevor and Tommy discuss:
-Why Tommy started Choose Goodness
-Being scared straight after a stint in prison
-How he went from jail to Deloitte in three years
-The lessons he learned from having lunch with GaryVee
-Hell yes or no
-Why pulling back and reflecting is huge
-How to work through adversity by choosing growth
-Why the journey never ends
-Attending Living Centered in Tennessee
-How he moves through rejection
-What is Choose Goodness
-His daily routine and why it is important to exercise everyday
-Why you have to participate in your own rescue
-The Power of No

Book Recommendations:
Big Leap by Gay Hendrix (amzn.to/2yXC6Ls)
Never Split the Difference (amzn.to/2gc3l0Z)
War of Art (amzn.to/2wNcgcm)

Big thank you to Tommy Breedlove for being a guest this week.
I learned so much about the power of having a positive attitude from our interview and am extremely grateful for your time.

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For Social Media:

Instagram - @choosegoodness or @tommybreedlove

Twitter - @choosegoodness


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