#32 - Lifestyle Design with Darrah Brustein and Tommy Breedlove

Previous guests, Darrah Brustien and Tommy Breedlove, join Trevor Carlson to talk lifestyle design.

Some topics covered in this episodes:
-What does lifestyle design mean?
-Question the norms
-Times when you do something even if it isn’t a “hell yes!”
-Creating boundaries by saying yes and saying no
-Turning it back to me and not the situation
-How to stay so positive when someone is so negative to or around you?
-Taking care of yourself
-What does success mean for you?
-Achieving results
-Finding individuals who have like-mindedness
-Adding value and the value of doing so
-Building relationships with people that you trust

Big shout out to Tommy and Darrah for joining us for the conversation, it was a lot of fun.

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