How to Re-frame Our Fears with Kate Swoboda - #80

Episode Summary:
In this episode, author and courage-creator discusses her history when dealing with fear. As an entrepreneur and life coach, Swoboda encourages us to take control of our fears and release them from our lives in a healthy way. She breaks down fear-based habits and allows us to recognize which behaviors are beneficial and which will end up harming us in the long-run. She explains that although we can never be truly fearless, we are able to take control of our lives and fear less overall.

In this episode we will discuss:
Upholding our self-image and letting go of fears
Understanding past choices and how they relate to the present
Realizing our life is not always as fulfilling as society says it should be
Spinning within self-help hamster wheel
Placating vs. facing our fears
Beginning new careers as an entrepreneur
Fear based behaviors/patterns and habit-formation
Habitually dealing with the components of fear
Accessing the body and noticing how fear manifests within ourselves
Releasing the emotions that fear creates
Listening to ourselves and healthily processing our fears
Learning how to decide which thoughts helpful to our psyche
Accepting that fear is not necessarily good or bad, it’s a wound
Failure can be used as a tool to progress
Fear thriving in isolation
People-pleasing, pessimism, perfection and self-sabotage
Creating healthy interdependence with friends and our community

“Fear-based behaviors are actually brain-based habits. We habitually respond to fear that we feel in these fear-based pattern ways that are in part governed by the brain, to the point where it becomes our identity.”

“There are different component parts of fear… one part is how you habitually dealt with fear or not liking the situation you’re in in the past. Have I been avoiding, pleasing or attacking the fear?”

“You are never going to be fearless, but you can fear less.”

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