Hypnotism | A Discussion on with Hypnotist Jason Linnet #81

Episode Summary:
For over eight years, Jason Linett has been a nationally accredited hypnotist. From humble beginnings as a manager in theater, Jason found his calling when he least expected it. After becoming fascinated by hypnosis after attending a stage show, what started as his hobby turned into a full-time job.

Through different methods and techniques, Jason offers hypnosis to a diverse set of clients who struggle with a variety of issues. By helping people make the changes they need in their lives, he teaches his clients and students how to use the tools they already have in order to become the best version of themselves.

In this episode we will discuss:
Fear of failure and fear of success in hypnotism
Customization of the hypnosis process for each individual
Skepticism of hypnosis and its efficacy
Automatic responses in our daily life
Identifying emotional triggers and stress
Imagining our goals as already accomplished
Shifting our expectations with hypnosis
Principles and benefits of the placebo effect
Becoming the best version of ourselves
Discovering what methods and routines fit within our goals
Recognizing the truth within our lives

“We can do hypnosis or we can be hypnotic. What happens when you step into that result as if you’re already there and operate from that position?”

“Work with as many people as you possibly can because it’s all about the customization to the individual. It’s what we call ‘client-centered hypnosis,’ matching the process to the client rather than the client to the process.”

“The amateur changes his act, the professional changes his audience.”

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