Growing Up on the Internet with Hatchlings founder, Brad Dwyer - #83

As the founder of the decade-old company Hatchlings Inc., programmer Brad Dwyer was willing to do make the adjustments necessary to grow the company and keep it alive. Upon leaving Iowa State University before graduating, his technology startup proved to be a worthy investment of his time. Although Brad’s journey has not been completely without struggle, his computer vision and augmented reality ideas ultimately created a fun virtual experience for people across the world.

In this episode we discuss:
Brad’s programming beginnings in junior high
Achieving passive income through viral success
The history and process of Hatchlings on Facebook
Creating a subscription model for virtual goods
Sponsors and the bumps along the road to success
Scaling up as the company grew to over 15 million users
Diversifying from Facebook to a mobile platform
Making hard decisions when a company’s profits decline

“Think longer term, think bigger.” (8:05)

“What makes Hatchlings special? Why did people play this for ten years? How can we leverage our strengths to expand in a strategic way rather than just throwing a bunch of money into things and seeing randomly if something was going to work?” (17:58)

Brad Dwyer Twitter:

Hatchlings Inc. Website:

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