Moving Towards Augmented Reality with Brad Dwyer #84

Episode Summary

As the founder of the decade-long company Hatchlings Inc., programmer Brad Dwyer was willing to do what it took to make his dreams come true. Upon leaving Iowa State University before graduating, his technology startup proved to be a worthy investment of his time. Although Brad’s journey has not been completely without struggle, his computer vision and augmented reality ideas ultimately created a fun and new virtual experience for people across the country.

In this episode we will discuss:
Transitioning from the gaming industry into augmented reality
The creation of Magic Sudoku
The novelty of augmented reality providing contextual information
Our mobile devices being able to understand and recognize our environment
Thinking about the company’s success path 5-10 years in the future

“If rewound 20 years and we told everybody that you were going to have a listening device that was always on in your pocket and everyone was going to have one of these, I think they would have had the same sort of [upset] reaction. But now we all carry around cell phones without even thinking about it. So these dystopian views of the future... it’s easy to see the downside of things but it’s a lot harder to imagine in which our lives are better.” (8:50)

“What we’ve learned is the benefits of [this technology] have been so vast, people have been willing to give up some sense of privacy in exchange for these extra features and abilities in their life... I think there’s a lot of responsibility involved in making sure that those trade-offs aren’t too much and that we’re not purposely moving ourselves into a dystopia.” (9:25)

“You should think about why you want to start a company... Is this something that I really want to do?” (10:25)

Brad Dwyer

Hatchlings Inc. Website:

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