Why Dating Kinda Sucks and How to Navigate Online Dating with Sarah G and Adam Avitable - #85

Dating, relationships and sex. The “Dating Kinda Sucks” Podcast with Sarah G and Adam Avitable covers all aspects of what we may be doing right or what we’re definitely doing wrong when it comes to love and relationships. Since meeting at a blogging conference in 2015, Sarah and Adam collaborated to help answer questions and ponder what a healthy and meaningful relationship truly is. While fielding both intelligent and downright ridiculous questions from listeners, these two hosts go in depth with their own experiences in the relationship world and try to help others blaze their own trail in the wild dating arena.

In this episode we will discuss:
Having confidence within the dating world
Not taking rejection or ghosting personally
Dating in modern times with social media
Tinder and Bumble apps and the bar scene
Being able to explore the dating scene and not settling
Feeling comfortable with being yourself
Letting insecurity and desperation interfere with our goals
Keeping communication open with who we’re dating
Being be comfortable with being alone and on your own
Working through insecurities we have with ourselves
Cleansing ourselves of toxic relationships and friendships
Rock bottom and the momentum needed for moving forward

“The biggest error I see is people letting insecurity get ahold of them... People who aren’t confident that they’re worthwhile and they’re worth someone’s time and they let that insecurity rot away at them... it’s never healthy... you have to understand you probably are good enough... You should treat yourself like you’re a good enough person and not go with people who make you go crazy.” –Adam (17:45)

“I think you have to be comfortable being alone... Really get to know yourself alone and be confident in who you are when you’re just by yourself. That is step number one...I think two, there’s a lot of social media pressure out there of what success is. So people say

“Oh people are having kids and getting married and they look so happy and successful, so that must be the trajectory I need to take to be happy and successful.” And that’s my challenge to that, how about you just be happy and find success by being alone and being comfortable with who you are first?” –Sarah (20:00)

“It’s okay to grow. It’s okay to change.” –Sarah (32:28)

“Education is important too. The less educated somebody is, the less likely they are to break out of that cycle...the more educated you are, the more exposure you have to a lot things you never knew or thought about. The less educated you are, you tend to go to whatever is in your immediate vicinity, that is all that you know and you don’t know anything further so it can be hard... you can’t help somebody get out of this. They have to want to change or be better or improve their life and that’s completely dependent on their own fortitude.” –Adam (32:58)

“Sometimes some really bad thing has to happen for you to have a wakeup call instead of taking the initiative to try something on your own. You have to hit a really deep rock bottom and you’re like I will not accept this anymore, something has to change and that is the momentum you get to move on to something better.” –Sarah (34:01)

“We don’t grow from happy moments in our lives. The only time we grow as a person is how you deal with bad things that happen in your life.” –Adam (34:18)

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