Why I Got Rid of my Stuff to Live Out of my Bag #86

Only having lived in Iowa his entire life, Trevor Carlson never left the country until he was 30. Although it may have been a bit extreme to move abroad for his first living experience outside of his home state, he threw himself in head first to take those meaningful risks.

After selling all of his possessions and having one foot already out the door, he started his journey in Europe in August 2018 and moved on to Asia from there. By spending time in other countries and cultures, he has been able to broaden his perspective and truly reflect on what it means to understand different walks of life.

Although it may not always be glamorous, the traveling lifestyle allows him to engage in lifelong memories, new friendships and unexpected adventures.

In this episode we will discuss:
Pursuing our dreams and not waiting for the perfect circumstances to arise
Feeling like time is passing by and carefully addressing this feeling
Being able to feel fulfilled during times when we are alone
Being unable to find happiness from sources that are outside ourselves
Gauging internal levels of self-validation or satisfaction
Embedding ourselves in other cultures to gain insight and appreciation
Breaking down our plans into micro-steps to achieve our goals

“I’ve always been drawn to see the world in order to understand it. I wanted to leave an impact, I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to do all these things but I’d only lived in Iowa my entire life. You cannot make a difference in something you don’t understand... if you want to have a larger impact like I was striving to in that point in time, you have to see the world, you have to experience it, you have to kind of embed yourself in other cultures and spend time with these people and get to understand what it’s like to live a day in their shoes. It’s given me an entirely different perspective. ” (6:01)

“I wanted to write. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to see what the world was all about. I wanted to go on these adventures that I’d read about. I’ve always dreamed about this and it’s still surreal to me that I took the leap and that I’ve been able to do it. But I’m here.” (12:13)

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