Life Lessons from Lindy Hop pt 1: The Global Culture of Swing Dancing #89

This swing dance episode special is part one of three part series detailing Trevor Carlson’s swing dancing experiences and classes across the world. In this episode, Trevor discusses the Lindy Hop dance, an American dance born in Harlem, New York City around 1928. Lindy Hop was and still is considered a major member of the swing dance community. Due to her improvisational dance style, Lindy’s craft evolved along with the jazz sound and lifestyle throughout the years.

While traveling across the world over the past few years, Trevor has been exposed to the global swing dance culture from countries stemming in Asia all the way to Eastern and Central Europe. As a self-described beginner, his love of swing dancing and improvement grows with each class and dance.

In this episode we will discuss:
The openness and the kindness in the swing dance community
The humility that comes from learning to swing dance
Remembering to have fun while learning a new skill
Using dance as a global language and breaking down linguistic barriers

“Dancing boosts my mood. There’s almost never a morning where I wake up and I don’t have a smile on my face after an evening of swing dancing. I feel fantastic and it makes my overall mood even better as I go about my day. It carries over into other areas, into work and how I interact with other people. Why wouldn’t you want to feel like that? Who could ask for any better reward from a hobby?” (8:05)

“Practice can be fun. Practicing a skill doesn’t have to be torture, and if you can have fun while doing it, it makes it even better. We seem to glorify the grind... torturing ourselves while practicing our craft. Is that really necessary?” (9:17)

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