Learning To Say Goodbye with Trevor Carlson #88

Struggling with goodbyes – something we can all relate to. Over the past year, Trevor Carlson has met some amazing people while trotting around the globe. Although his experiences were usually limited with these world-traveling friends, he has learned to appreciate that the time spent with these people was precious.

He has learned that the paths crossed among travelers encourages a tight bond, albeit at times brief. Their journeys may be different, but their desires of seeing new countries and cultures has taught them about their shared values. As long as the time spent with new friends is cherished, saying “goodbye” can be a beautiful experience.

In this episode we will discuss:
Sharing our values with like-minded people
Learning how to continually say goodbye to loved ones
Appreciating the limited time spent with new friends on the road
Choosing to surround ourselves with people who bring us joy
Remaining aware of our surrounding environment and being in the moment

“It’s really helped me to understand that there are millions, millions of amazing people in the world who have the same values as you. You don’t have to spend your time with people who don’t share those values, don’t bring you some level of joy and don’t really add any value to yourlife.” (3:00)

“Every minute is really precious when you’re around these loved ones or your really cherished friends. Every minute is valued as you can see them tick away, knowing that they’re going to come to an end. It becomes more important to look the person in the eye across from you and listen to what they’re saying. They become the priority over checking your work email, updating your Facebook or scrolling through Instagram. I’m guilty of this too! ... I’m not perfect but it has definitely made me more aware and I am more likely to notice what I’m doing, put the phone down and be more involved in what I’m doing. ” (4:33)

“Does this relationship bring me joy? Does this relationship bring value...Do they make me want to strive to be the best version of myself or do they make me feel extremely critical of who I am?” (6:23)

Trevor’s Blog:https://medium.com/@trevorcarlson

Trevor’s “Goodbyes”
Blogpost: https://medium.com/@trevorcarlson/goo...

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