Life Lessons from Lindy Hop Part 2: Anastasia Feoktistova #90

As one of the teachers at the Groovy Cats swing dance studio in Prague, Czech Republic, Anastasia Feoktistova always encourages her students to be themselves and to never fear the difficulties they may encounter when starting out as a novice in swing dance. Originally from Russia, Anastasia now travels internationally to teach the art of swing dance to beginner and experienced dancers.

While approaching dance as a fun activity for all who are interested, she continues to focus on and help dancers move past their perceived failures while on the dance floor. She emphasizes that we don’t need an inherent special talent to dance and instills the confidence that is needed for all her trainees go outside their comfort zone.

In this episode we will discuss:
Going outside your comfort zone when learning a new skill
Not quitting when an activity becomes challenging
Understanding that being an instructor is also a way to learn
Seeing dance as a conversation and connecting with your dance partner
Encouraging students in their beginner stages of dancing
Immersing yourself in the social culture of dance

“Swing dancing is all about fun, it’s about expressing yourself. Dancing to music which varies from 1920s to 1950s. There is a pretty aesthetical feel. You learn a lot about culture about the way people used to have fun in the past years... It is about exchanging emotions while dancing, catching the same rhythm.” (4:24)

“When I started to dance, I learned a lot of new things about myself. I started to think differently, I started to organize my life differently. I started to learn something new not only about dancing but the way I’m living, the way I’m dressing and the way I’m talking... This is actually something Istarted to do because I like the aesthetical component.” (11:47)

“I find my own voice when I am teaching.” (13:00)

“I didn’t have any special talent. I started to dance when at the age of 20 and I didn’t have any dance experience before. I had lots of failures, it didn’t make me happy but I am happy right nowbecause I didn’t stop. I didn’t surrender. I kept doing what I did.” (18:07)

“I do encourage people to believe in the fact that they are talented.” (23:46)

“You will discover a beautiful world if you try!” (34:00)


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