Life Lessons from Lindy Hop Part 3: Amélie Barrande #91

Swing dance instructor Amélie Barrande has been teaching Lindy Hop dancing for over seven years. As one of four teachers at the Jazzy Feet School in Paris, her passion for dance inspires her students to continue practicing their moves on the dance floor.

Aside from teaching, Amélie is also an accomplished fashion designer. Her shoe company Swivells has been operating and selling internationally for a year and a half and focuses on shoes for dancers that are stylish and efficient for dancing.

In this episode we will discuss:
Becoming a swing dancer and the challenges behind it
The start of Amélie’s international and successful shoe company Swivells
The process of creating a stylish/ergonomic shoe within the fashion industry
Teaching and learning methods within swing dance
Improving dancing skills and connecting with your partner
The origins of swing dance in Harlem, New York City in the 1930s

“I think if you are conscious and aware of your difficulties then you are probably going to be better than all of the people who are not aware of their difficulties. Most people assume they are good dancers so they don’t really listen to what the teacher has to say… when you are aware, then you listen. This is how you get better.” (16:41)

“The most common mistake that I see is that people think they are dancing alone. This is a dance that you are supposed to dance with a partner. You’re not supposed to just lead or just follow, you have to really connect with the person you are dancing with and be aware of this person.” (17:37)

“Sometimes it’s like love at first sight. You just do one step and you connect with that person right way. And this is what is absolutely magical in Lindy Hop dancing. I really love this sensation!” (20:25)

“No one can honestly be bored in dancing. That is not possible, even if you are a beginner. You will always have something to practice.” (26:44)

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