Trevor Carlson: Moments That Define Us #94

In this episode, Trevor goes into detail about his experience when staying at the war hostel in Sarajevo, Bosnia. This hostel offers an unconventional stay to the curious traveler by simulating the siege of Sarajevo, a grim conflict that took place during the 1992-1996 Bosnian War.

While Sarajevo was under constant artillery and sniper fire during the Bosnian War, this hostel duplicates and echoes the sounds of gunfire that the citizens endured during the night and day. With no water at the hostel and sleeping on the floor, Trevor’s story begins and ends with reflections on his own life and encourages gratitude for all who have never experienced the horrors that war can bring to everyday life.

In this episode we will discuss:
Moments that shape our lives and our reactions
Trevor’s experience while staying at the Sarajevo war hostel
Practicing gratitude and appreciating what life has to offer
Being brave and choosing the good during times of war and after

“All of our stories end the same way and it is our job to write the middle. To create the crescendo that is our life, that way when we arrive at the end of our story we can look back and smile.” (5:24)

“How can anyone desire war when you see the suffering in the eyes of the people who survived?” (9:58)

“These moments, the good and the bad, and what we choose to do with them are what define our lives. We get to choose.” (11:08)

Trevor’s Blog Post, ‘Moments That Define Us’:

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Cheryl Strayed’s Website:

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