Finding Meaning From Chaos with Bosnian War Survivor, Zero One #95

From 1992-1996, Bosnia suffered through a heavily armed conflict that shook the roots of the region for years to come. In this episode, we focus on the city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and the effects of the war both during and after.

Our guest in this interview now goes by the name of Zero One, a code name used by Zero One’s father during the war in order to conceal his identity. As a young child, Zero One grew up in a warzone which he describes as a “full on apocalypse.” When the war ended, Zero One wanted to educate the world about the gruesome reality he and his countrymen experienced for years. By opening up the only war hostel the world has known, Zero One hopes the world will not forget about the terror that war can bring to a once peaceful society.

This war hostel, a very unique and solemn project, offers a time travel back to days of the Bosnian War. Here, you are able to tour the frontlines of the battles and see the fallout that occurred. This simulation portrays a day in the life of the war, when many citizens slept on the floor, had no electricity or running water and were under constant gunfire from all sides.

In this episode we will discuss:
The outbreak of the Bosnian war in 1992
Zero One’s inception of the war hostel to simulate war
The struggle of living during a war and the necessary adjustments
The unique perspective that the war hostel offers
Learning to appreciate and be grateful for post- war life
Putting our values and opinions into perspective
Protecting and helping your neighbors and family in times of need
Allowing yourself to do what you enjoy and never giving up

“The war was this huge conflict that kicked the city back into the Stone Age. It was a full on apocalypse. No water, no food, no internet at the time. No connection with the outer world. There was no electricity, no gas. It was just this prison that you’re living because the city is blocked and you’re getting shot at from all sides… Life came down to survival… and we managed to survive.” (4:26)

“We want to leave an impression on everybody who comes here and we want to bring them closer to the story… [Because] this was our reality for four years. We had no chance to escape it.” (11:06)

“Everything is a second chance. You start appreciating things, you start looking at things in a different light. It’s with a lot of respect towards life.” (20:24)

“Everyone fights their own battle. Why did you come to the conclusion that certain things matter and other things don’t? Because you fought your own battle and you’ve lost, but you gained at the same time this knowledge. That’s a philosophy, that’s life. It’s growing up and part of being an adult.” (22:24)

“You’ve got to suffer in life if you want to grow as a person.” (24:57)

“You want everything to be exactly how you ordered it? Exactly how you pictured it to be? You seek perfection? Life is not perfect! People make mistakes. Enjoy what you have.” (28:01)

“No matter how bad the day gets, a new one is coming.” (39:51)

War Hostel in Sarajevo:

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