#25 - Understanding Your Customers with Mat Winegarden

On this episode of the Formula Podcast, Trevor Carlson sits down with his good friend and mentor, Handrail's Mat Winegarden.

Mat is brilliant when it comes to understanding a customer's journey through sales or using a product. He shares lessons from his career to leave you with some advice to level up your understanding of your customers.

Mat and Trevor discuss:
-How to discover customer's needs
-The challenge phase… what is it?
-What do you do when you don’t hear what you want to hear?
-How many times do you have to hear something before you see a pattern?
-The Confidence interval
-Starting off in sales and the developing relationship of behavioral science
-How he's a college dropout
-Why low pressure sales - not high pressure
-Understanding the core value a person is looking for
-Selling benefit delivery method
-The tolerance of risk
-Be careful with the information your customers give you
-Why you shoudln't get in analysis paralysis
-Figuring out your minimal viable test
-Understanding where your customers are coming from
-What are the unicorns of business
-Understanding yourself
-His early life… retold
-Mat’s daily routine

Mat's book recommendation: What Dreams May Come amzn.to/2icytyr

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