Give Up

We know the drill…it has been a tough go of things lately.


You’ve worked hard, have a few great ideas, and you just KNOW that things will work out once everything falls into place.


You can’t seem to get anything moving. Whether that is getting started going to the gym, starting a business, or working on your house…you’re waiting for things to be perfect.

For that one thing to fall into place.

I’ll get started when…

I just need to do a little more research…

I’m not sure if it is going to work yet…

I don’t know if I’m ready…

I’ll be ready as soon as…

I can feel the frustration from here…

I can feel the frustration from here…

I can go on and on. I know all to well how it feels. You want (insert whatever your thing is) so bad but you just need to wait a little longer.

I have been in that spot so many times it hurts to think about. How many ideas or goals that I have been set on for so long until they only thing that they become is a pipe dream.

I will get in better shape when…

I will eat better when…

I will do webinars when…

I will travel when…

When what?…

“When” never shows up. The only time “when” happens is about the time I get started. I struggled for years and (let’s be real) I still do. There was one piece of advice that changed all that and has given me the opportunity to achieve these aspirations.

Give Up.

If you’re anything like me, you have this perfect scenario built out in your head how things are going to go. Surprise! They never turn out that way.

Give up on that perfect scenario and get started.

Make something that sucks.

Go to the gym in jeans and without a workout plan.

Eat a shitty salad that you made from a YouTube tutorial.

Give up on perfection.

Understand that your only hope to be great at something your proud of or chisel your body into something that you can look in the mirror and think “Hell yeah, I did that!” is to give up…then…get started.

For those of you who listened to my first 10 or so podcast episodes, I’m sorry. I was following my own advice. Frankly, I wasn’t very good…yet. My guests were amazing and I had fun so I continued.

Now, approaching episode 50 I don’t feel so bad about the quality of our show. I’m quite proud to tell people to check it out without a disclaimer that…I am the host.

I couldn’t have gotten to episode 1, 5, 10, or 40 without starting, sucking at it, and getting better. I’m still in the getting better stage and hope to continue for quite some time.

This isn’t the only area I’ve given up.

I gave up on being perfect on video and just started making videos. This led to our showing going into video interviews.

I gave up on being a great writer and just started writing. This led to my 30 Pieces of Advice article being read by thousands of people.

I gave up on biking like a pro and just started biking on a cheap shitty bike. This led to me completing RAGBRAI (a 7-day bike ride).

That is me wondering if I’m crossing over to the other side after the first day of RAGBRAI…

That is me wondering if I’m crossing over to the other side after the first day of RAGBRAI…

I stopped researching and started doing.

I stopped waiting for the perfect night and just started learning to dance. Yes, I was REAL BAD at first, can you imagine a skinny-white dude moving his hips to salsa? yikes… If I can suffer the embarrassment of learning to salsa than you can get over whatever you’re embarrassed doing.

Reenactment of my first salsa dance night….

Reenactment of my first salsa dance night….

Give up on your standards or expectations to give yourself a chance to get in shape, achieve your goals, find a significant other that you are happy with, start a business, learn to dance, or whatever crazy thing it is that you think about doing when you are left to your own devices.

Give up on being good to give yourself a chance to be great.

I’ve found myself browsing Instagram quite a bit recently and have seen a lot of these picture perfect “unplanned” photos that make me laugh quite a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful pictures taken by very talented people.

But they are clearly planned and a lot of work went into them.

From the outside looking in, they look great and they give the appearance of these flawless lives.

Sadly, this reality doesn’t exist.

You are only seeing the effort and planning that took years of experience to create.

And the worst part is that I (sometimes) look at these images or these other people’s perceived success and compare my entire life to their highlight reel.

For comparison, it’s like being a Junior High student who plays basketball watching a professional basketball player and getting depressed because you aren’t as good.

Give up on hitting these standards right out of the gate and give yourself the opportunity to get their in your own time.

We aren’t all born great at what we desire to be but with consistent work over time maybe we can be.

Can you get started today?

I believe you can.

Give up and get started.

Good luck!

Good luck!

Remember, you are better than you think.


Trevor Carlson

Host of the Formula Podcast

Director of Education at Helix Academy

Trevor Carlson